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We will prepare tax returns for all fifty states. Our goal is to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimize your tax liabil

What our Clients Say!!!!


Thomas G.


Working with Venkat was surprisingly great. His company, Local Tax CPA, provided me with professional service and great results. If you have a complicated tax situation, Venkat Iyer is your man.

Olivia S.


How nice, how refreshing to encounter you and your company, Local Tax CPA, clearly a paragon of competence. My federal return, deposited this week, was 85% larger than last year (as Venkat carefully and thoughtfully pointed out). I consider myself lucky to have found you and very much look forward to seeing you next year.

Bob M.


Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing a fabulous job with my taxes. You always give us something to think about and have consistently shown us new ways to help ourselves. Thank you for your good wishes and we will send you our new address when we move in the summer. By the way, the new website looks great! Good luck with it. Again, many thanks.

Linda L.


Local Tax CPA has been doing my tax returns for years now, and I always enjoy how Venkat enjoys looking after me. He does it with effortless competence. It makes me feel confident and secure in my relations with the IRS. He has saved me large amounts of money and endless amounts of trouble (I do NOT handle figures and forms with obscure directions well, and I wouldn't say I like dealing with 'Authorities'). Venkat is always cheerful and optimistic; I feel he treats me just like he would treat one of his own family. I thoroughly recommend Venkat Iyer, the founder of Local Tax CPA to anyone who wants or needs a first-class professional service tax preparer.

Barbara C.


I don't know how much time Venkat spent on my taxes, but I do know that he's fast. He produces excellent information, and the IRS likes his work. For every problem, he has an upbeat answer! Great to have Local Tax CPA

Doug E.

Business Man

Thank you very much for the time and effort in helping us prepare our business tax return. Not only are you saving us extra money. But you go the extra distance for us, understanding our business needs and our personal finances. That helps us to plan for the coming year and the future. Many thanks to this business tax preparer and to your expertise.

Joe D.

IT Professional

I just wanted to thank Venkat for the superb job you did on my taxes. It is by far the most professional job I have seen. I look forward to meeting again next year. You are an awesome CPA tax preparer. If you want your taxes done right without a lot of hassle, I'd recommend you talk with Venkat Iyer the founder of Local Tax CPA

Kenneth A.

Professional Engineer

Mr. Iyer is very helpful and professional. By the questions he asks, I know he is very detail-oriented and careful. I feel much more relaxed knowing he is looking after my tax returns. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

Vidya A


I filed my 2020 taxes with Local Tax CPA and I am so happy with their services. They really took care of my tax return issues and I am looking forward to working with them next year.

Andrew G


I recommend Local Tax CPA because they made me feel at ease dealing with my taxes. Every year I get overwhelmed about filing but Local Tax CPA really makes everything easy and straightforward.

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2021 Taxpayer Planning: Foreign Earned Income and Housing Exclusion

This article explains individual clients who are U.S. citizens or resident aliens who live or work abroad in a foreign country.

Assessment of Erroneous Refund of Employment Tax Credits

This article explains regulations that authorize the assessment of any erroneous refund of the COVID-19 employment tax credits for employers.

Reporting Qualified Sick and Family Leave Wages Paid to Employees

This article explains the reporting requirements for employers on the qualified sick and family leave wages paid to employees and self-employed indivi

Accounting Method Procedures for Income Inclusion and Inventory

This article provides an overview of the revenue procedure on automatic method change updates for revenue recognition, inventory capitalization, advan

Guidance for Claiming Employee Retention Credit in 2021

This article explains the guidance to take advantage of the expansion of the employee retention credit in the third and fourth quarters of 2021.

Gross Receipts Safe Harbor for the Employee Retention Credit

Gross Receipts Safe Harbor for the Employee Retention Credit

This article explains the safe harbor for gross receipts for the employee retention credit.

BBA Partnerships Are Eligible for Amended Return Procedures

This article explains IRS guidance providing relief to certain BBA partnerships to file amended Form 1065 and partners’ Schedules K-1 for tax years

Election and Revocation Procedures for Farming NOLs 2018 to 2020

This article tells about farming losses arising in a tax year beginning in 2018, 2019, or 2020.

Changes in Computing Certain Residential Rental Property Depreciation

This article tells about individual and business clients that own residential rental property.

Derivative Payment Reporting Requirements under BEAT

This article tells about gross receipts averaging more than $500 million over a three-year period that make deductible payments to foreign related par

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